Regulation, Who Needs Regulation?

Those citizens of Main Street USA who would like to approve national healthcare reform as it has been presented in the House and Senate, with its One Trillion Dollar (minimum) price tag (to be paid by we taxpayers) and a government-run plan, may want to look at a couple of other sectors of government before casting their final ballot.

It was just over four weeks ago that the Social Security Administration threw a weekend bash (excuse me, their motivational management conference) at a plush Arizona resort costing we, the taxpayer, a cool $700,000.

This in the midst of the, as has been described by the media, worst economic recession since the Great Depression.

And, yes, the Social Security Commissioner did know of and approve this lavish meeting even though the SSA is, itself, reportedly bankrupt.

Back when that story broke I made mention of the fact that it would be nice to hear about other areas of government and what they are doing with OUR hard-earned dollars.

Next up, the Veteran’s Administration.

According to the Associated Press, over the past two years (2007 and 2008) more than $24 Million has been paid in bonuses to people who work in the VA.

I do not have anything against people working anywhere earning bonuses, as long as they are based upon actual production of that individual. And, as long as everything else has been taken care of first.

Yet, it seems bonuses were being paid even though there were U.S. Veterans who had been waiting for their first disability check during that same time. Some have tried to blame this problem on the transition of records between the VA and the Pentagon.

That does not add up.

However, there has been more than just bonuses being paid when business at hand was not under control.

The VA Inspector General evidently uncovered some very damaging internal dirt.

There have been improprieties such as relatives paying additional money (bonuses) to relatives (i.e., nepotism) within the VA and managers inappropriately paying for college tuition for many family members.

As well, one lower level VA employee was having an affair with a higher level VA official and we, Main Street USA, paid $37,000 for 22 flights to and from, for their lover’s tryst.

The list goes on.

And the main response to this outrage thus far has been the top Republican on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Steve Buyer (IN), who had this to say, The “VA must appoint honorable individuals to these critical positions.”

Profound, truly profound.

So, I ask you, Main Street USA…how is it that you want the government to set up and administer broad national health care, those who are chastising and tearing apart financial, commercial and industrial America, when they cannot, under any circumstances, it seems, keep their own house in order?

Over For Now,

Main Street One