Media & The "News"

One has to wonder at the intentions of the media when a headline such as this appears:

“New senator helps Democrats advance jobs bill”

Such a headline floated across cyberspace from Reuters yesterday evening.

To this Main Streeter, it is just another example of how media try to manipulate the actual truth.

What is true is that Scott Brown, the newly elected Republican Senator from MA, did vote for the jobs bill, proposed and backed, in the main, by Democrats.

What is missing from the headline, one designed to make Senator Brown appear as though he is the lone Republican, is that there were five from the right side who voted for the bill.

Also absent from the headline, there were a couple from the left who voted against the bill.

In the first paragraph of the story it states that Brown “bucked his party.” (Let us create a bit of controversy here!)

The article, let alone the first paragraph, does not name the other four Republicans who also “bucked” their party, nor even of the two Dems who, conversely, “bucked” theirs by voting against it.

Why would it be that way?

This example of “news reporting” is an example of sensationalism, media bias, and media trying even harder to push the divide.

All of Main Street USA knows that for major pieces of legislation (in every administration) there is a divide, left vs right. What is not needed by anyone is media sensationalism to try and create a bigger gap.

Maybe Reuters could issue a story showing, for each and every piece of legislation introduced during the past year, how the individual Senators voted so America can see how many of them “buck” their party, based on who introduced the bill in the first place.

Over For Now.

Main Street One