NASA STS-131 An Incredible Sight

I realize that there are those who disagree with space exploration while things here on good ole Earth are in such a mess.

However, I will not get into a discussion regarding that topic with this post. I will, for now, just go on record stating that Main Street One supports the Mission of NASA.

A couple of days ago, NASA Kennedy sent Discovery STS-131 into space taking equipment to the International Space Station.

The launch itself is, to this Main Streeter, pure beauty.

For anyone with the time, this is a 2:43 minute video of the moments leading to T-minus and lift-off.

I was fortunate enough to be on hand, several years ago, to witness with my own eyes the launch of Atlantis STS-86 at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Though we were approximately one mile from the actual launch pad (that is the closest, I was told, that non-authorized mission personnel are allowed), the spectacle our group watched was magnificent.

Unfortunately I lost the digital photos taken at the time (computer crash several years ago with no file backup-stupid, I know). However, NASA keeps very good records.

This is the launch of STS-86:

This is the launch of STS-131:

As stated earlier, to this person, it is a thing of beauty.

Over For Now.

Main Street One