Franklin Facelift (i.e., The New $100 Bill)

There are a lot of areas where criminals can and do make money.

One of these is counterfeiting.

It is not certain when counterfeiting began, but one could probably safely assume that soon after the concept and production of “money” was introduced, there were those trying to get something for nothing.

In it’s earliest form, before paper money came about, coins were made of silver and gold and counterfeiters, basically, mixed a base metal with the silver or gold (thus less real value) in order to get themselves a better deal.

The U.S. Treasury Department continuously works to try and stay ahead of these people.

However, for the past decade or so, they have had a problem with the “Superdollar,” a $100 bill that, per reports, was technologically better than that produced by our government.

Thus, after re-working the C-note, Ben Franklin got a new look today, complete with many security features the Treasury Dept. hopes will thwart counterfeiters.

Following is a video of the new Ben.

This citizen hopes it works.

Over For Now.

Main Street One