YouCut – Wouldn’t That Be Nice

Here is a unique concept.

While Rep Cantor’s idea may not be practical, may not be realistic, it is this taxpayer’s opinion that perhaps his campaign will open the eyes of people (especially those on Capitol Hill) who are blindly following our dramatic deficit spending spree–all in the name of saving the US economy.

So, even though Cantor’s idea may not fly, it is another way for people to see for themselves where all of our money (and debt) is going, what it is “buying” for us as a nation.

And, based on recent polls Main Street USA is not buying it. Citizens are unhappy with incumbents now residing in Congress.

There are those in Washington DC continuing to try and create a great divide between Main Street USA and Wall Street.

Attempting to, basically, destroy capitalism.

To those people it would seem fair to ask what other system allows individuals from all walks of life to be able to accumulate wealth in so many different ways.

How many people who purchased stock in Wal*Mart or Microsoft early on became wealthy simple because they allowed their money to work for them?

How many people earned seven or more figures from creating and selling something as simple as a “Pet Rock”? (For those too young to remember this, it was a common ordinary rock that was boxed and sold for about ten dollars, claiming it to be the easiest pet to care for.)

While critics scoff at the idea of YouCut, elected representatives may want to look deep within their hearts and their minds at the direction our country is going under their service.

Over For Now.

Main Street One