2010 NBA Finals Game 1 Lakers and Celtics

Having lived in California for over four decades, and in the Los Angeles area for much of that time, it is hard not to be a Los Angeles Lakers fan, especially during the NBA finals, regardless of the current place of residence.

Even more so with the opportunity to avenge the tragic loss in 2008 to the Boston Celtics.

It is unlikely that the Lakers will ever get close to evening up the championship series between the two – they are down 9-2 at this point thanks to Bill Russell’s complete dominance of the game. Russell lead his Celtics team to 11 NBA Championships during his 13 seasons as a player, including 7 in match-ups against the Lakers.

Even so, the rivalry between the two most storied teams in the NBA is legend.

It continues as Kobe Bryant goes for his 5th title ring as a Laker. Game 1 shows what this series will be about.

In the day, growing up in SoCal with Boston controlling the NBA, the alternate outlet for enthusiasm was watching the UCLA Bruins, the totally dominate NCAA team, who won 10 championship titles between 1964 and 1975, including 4 undefeated seasons.

Those Caliornia memories will always remain, including the year my high school team played Jamaal Keith Wilkes (and lost). Fortunately, I did not have to guard him, my teammate did. Wilkes was later on the UCLA team that won 2 titles during 30-0 seasons in 1972 and 1973 and set the record of 88 consecutive wins and eventually played on four NBA Championship teams, one with the Golden State Warriors and the others with the Lakers.

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