Politicians Are Out Of Touch

Associated Press reports that President Obama states Republicans are “out of touch with the daily problems of Americans.”

That statement is probably true.

However, that statement is also misleading as Democrats are also out of touch.

There are many citizens of Main Street USA who are not satisfied with T.A.R.P. (the Troubled Asset Relief Program), and for good reason.

Our elected officials voted to borrow from the Federal Reserve Bank (read Central Bank, read not at all associated with the Federal Government) three quarters of a trillion dollars to halt a financial melt-down and pump energy into the economy.

The results are not stellar.

And, when payments are made from the firms that borrowed from our government (i.e., taxpayers) instead of paying that money to the Central Bank those residents of Capitol Hill spend it again.

Thus, interest on that huge debt continues to mount.

And while the stock market has come back to its pre-crash level, much of the economy has not improved, as evidenced by various recent reports.

Politicians need to wake up and smell the roses and the coffee.

Americans are sick and tired of business-as-usual in Washington DC.

Quit buying votes via pork and earmarks and practice honorable statesmanship.

Quit blaming others for problems and work on solutions without finger-pointing and accusations that do not result in a product to better the economy and jobless rate.

And, elected officials need to keep their own house clean, especially when there are those who attack businesses with various allegations that may or may not be true.

Over For Now.

Main Street One