Illiteracy and Crime

Austin, Texas, Police Chief, Art Acevedo, discusses the link he sees between illiteracy and crime in this short video clip.

What he states in the video is very true.

There have been an ample number of studies over the past couple of decades supporting what he has observed first-hand in his 24 years of law enforcement.

However, students in Main Street USA schools continue to struggle with not only reading but also basic math.

What is missing in education today is an emphasis on the basics — reading, writing and arithmetic — and ensuring that students have mastered these skills.

A review of reports generated by the National Center for Education Statistics reveals that this issue remains a problem needing to be properly addressed.

Some have proposed longer school days, or shortening summer vacation, however these do not address the real crisis being faced. Learning to read. Learning to perform basic math functions.

Until those in charge are able to wrap their wits around the most fundamental steps involved in educating youth, America will continue to spend untold billions of dollars in both public (i.e., taxpayer) and private funds in remediation activities and the outcome of an illiterate society (i.e., crime, violence, lost job production, etc., etc.).

Wake Up America!

Over For Now.

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