Not restricted to the city of Bell CA

The Associated Press reports on the extremely high pay that three “public servants” earned working in Bell, CA.

Suffice it to say that if one were to tour every city in Main Street USA, Bell would not be alone in this salary crisis.

Nor would it be limited to those working for a city.

Investigative reporters across the country should blow the lid off of how much money taxpayers shell out to everyone on “our payroll.”

In a city of less than 40,000 people, even having built a surplus of over $22.7 million when other cities may be suffering, the Chief Administrative Officer should NOT be making almost $800,000 with a retirement package to be paid from the state of California of about $650,000 annually for life (as reported by the Los Angeles Times). See the full article here: Bell Salaries.

That is, simply put, criminal.

While the AP article compares the Bell CAO salary as twice that of President Obama, there are millions more in benefits when one serves as #1 in the USA. However, that Bell CAO salary is far higher than any pay reported for any Governor in the country, though it is not as high as some tenured professors in universities.

This AP article begs the question: How can any city allow salaries of their officials to achieve such stratospheric heights? (As this certainly did not happen overnight.)

Asked another way: How Big Can Big Government Get?

Food For Thought.

Over For Now.

Main Street USA