Before High Tech: Hopewell Furnace

Hopewell Furnace, an 848 acre U.S. National Historic Site, located near Elverson, Pennsylvania, displays an early American industrial setting.

Hopewell Furnace

The iron plantation operated between 1771-1883 and was one of many such installations that basically laid the groundwork for America’s transformation into an industrial giant and becoming an economic and technological leader.

Hopewell Furnace manufactured iron goods – such as stoves, kettles, grates, and machinery – to fill the needs of several large eastern cities including Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia. In its infancy, during the American Revolutionary War, the plant produced cannon shot and shells.

A Sample of Works Produced

The history of Hopewell Furnace includes its peak production time period from 1820 to 1840, a short boom during the American Civil War and its demise when others developed dramatic changes in iron making.

The existing park includes the blast furnace structure with its operational water wheel, the ironmaster’s home and several auxiliary buildings such as the blacksmith’s shop, a company store and a few houses where workers lived.

Hopewell Furnace Water Wheel

For those interested in American History, especially the Industrial Revolution, a visit to Hopewell Furnace in Berks County should provide an enjoyable experience.

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