NBA All Star Game 2011 – Kobe & LeBron

What appeared to be a runaway game by the NBA West All Stars became very tense in the final moments, as the East, under some incredible bursts of steam led by LeBron James, created a nail biter for many fans.

However, one of the most memorable plays was a few moments earlier when eventual MVP Kobe Bryant (with game highs of 37 points and 14 boards) streaked for a dunk with LBJ attempting to deny Kobe on his home court with the now-famous “Chase Down” block.

What followed, aside from the Michael Jordan-style rear tap, was a beautiful behind-the-arc shot by the Black Mamba.

A quick one minute recap of these plays.

A great NBA All Star game to be sure, despite way too many turnovers, with a lot of hustle from Kevin Durant, Pau Gasol, Amar Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, to name a few.

Side Notes: Kobe tied the record of most times named All Star MVP with Bob Pettit at four while LeBron became only the second person to score an All Star Game triple-double (29-12-10) along side Michael Jordan.

Over For Now.

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