Twisting Thoughts & Words for Life Insurance

It may not bother others, but this blogger gets a bit irritated at the commercials aired by Senior Life Insurance Company, whose tagline is “The Future of Final Expense.”

The ad begins by asking if people are financially set for burial and related expenses because the most the government will pay is $255 in death benefits.

The issues with the ad are (at least) twofold.

First, the way it is presented the ad insinuates that government is somehow responsible for a portion of the costs involved in a person’s final resting – and that the payment should be larger.

And second . . . the government?

Since when, one might ask, did it become the financial responsibility of all Americans, i.e., Main Street USA (read – each taxpaying citizen), to pay for the final resting costs of every individual?

Based upon mortuary and cemetery costs that $255 is, indeed, quite insignificant. However, it is most likely not even something that should be paid by “the government.”

Perhaps one day this blogger will take the time to find the piece of legislation to which this item was tagged. In other words, it seems this may have been an earmark to a larger bill added, as is the way in Washington DC, to capture someone’s vote on Capitol Hill.

Over For Now.

Main Street One