Bodiam Castle: A Beautiful Piece of History

Bodiam Castle, located near Robertsbridge, East Sussex, England, was built in 1385 to defend the area during the Hundred Years’ War against the French.

What remains today is a beautiful piece of history.

Not an overwhleming structure by any means, and small by some standards, there were design elements calculated to deceive invaders, the main one being that the moat was planned so that the sun would reflect the entirety of the castle at any time, thus making it appear larger and more forbidding.

Though it was only occupied for approximately three centuries before being partially dismantled, then left as a ruin for decades and in the mid 18th century was somewhat restored, the remains provide visitors with a fabulous walk in the past. One marvels at the workmanship dating back almost 750 years and speculates what life would have been like with a castle as a home.

Truly a unique castle in the South of England, cared for since 1925 by The National Trust.

More images are available at this link: Bodiam Castle at Flickr.

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