NBA Conference Championship Playoffs 2011

It is definitely NBA Playoff time and as this blog is being written the playoffs are, essentially, midway to having a 2011 Champion.

Some surprises have definitely happened along the way.

The #1 seed in the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs, lost in the first round to the #8 seed Memphis Grizzlies in six games.

Perhaps it was meant to be this year, the #2 seed (and defending NBA Champion) Los Angeles Lakers took six games to beat the #7 New Orleans Hornets and then got swept by #3 Dallas Mavericks in four games, completely thwarting their effort for a second three-peat.

In the Eastern Conference, the #1 seed Chicago Bulls, with the league’s MVP and best record of all teams, took out the #7 Indiana Pacers in five games in round one and find themselves tied at two games each with #5 seed Atlanta Hawks who took the #4 Orlando Magic out of the picture in six.

Probably one of the most anticipated matchups features #2 Miami Heat and #3 Boston Celtics. The Heat excelled in game 4 to lead the series 3-1.

As it looks right now, the Dallas Mavericks, with time to rest after their sweep, will probably meet #4 Oklahoma City Thunder (providing they get by the Grizzlies, with the series tied at 2 apiece) for the Western Conference Championship while in the Eastern Conference odds are that the Heat will be playing the Bulls to determine who goes for the NBA trophy.

It will be interesting to see.

As the theme of the playoffs is “Win or Go Home,” one can see the truth in that short statement.

In the meantime, one of the highlights of every playoff game has been the NBA’s own commercials, featuring the “Official Basketball.”

This one is absolutely great:

Over For Now.

Main Street One