Leonardo da Vinci Workshop

From February 5 through May 29, 2011, the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia hosted the Leonardo da Vinci Workshop exhibit.

In a word, spectacular.

The displays exhibited included full-size three-dimensional da Vinci models that were interpreted and created from Leonardo’s codices by a team of engineers, designers and scholars in Milan.

The only unfortunate part of the exhibit is the no photography policy. At least, inside the exhibit. Just prior to the entrance were a few items worthy of image capture.

Models that were created and on display included da Vinci’s Aerial Screw (predating the helicopter by hundreds of years), a Mechanical Lion (rather large) that dispensed lilies, his Great Kite, and more.

On the walls near the various models were copies of Leonardo’s Codices and there were computers allowing visitors to use touch screen technology to learn fascinating details about his work.

There were digital reproductions of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper (full size), which included details of the painstaking steps taken to recreate those masterpieces with as much accuracy to original color, etc., as possible.

This is definitely an exhibit for any person who appreciates the genius of da Vinci and/or who loves the history of inventions and creativity.

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