Straddling Main Street USA With More Debt

An Associated Press headline today reads: “Obama to propose $300 billion to jump-start jobs.”

And where does the jump-start take place?

In the public sector.

Thus, there is evidently going to be a proposal to spend $300 billion that the government does not have, increasing the national debt once again.

And, public sector employees are paid via the private sector (read Main Street USA) taxes.

Therefore, another double whammy for tax-paying citizens.

Capitol Hill needs to remove themselves from the business of trying to “generate” business and jobs. While there may be thousands of new (public sector) jobs created it comes at a cost that simply adds more debt and more burden to Americans.

Why can’t those in Washington DC allow small businesses and corporations to do what they do best, ie create, manufacture and sell their products and services. Yes, regulate the unethical and throw them in prison, but let businesses do their thing.

And while our elected representatives and their appointees regulate the bad apples in the private sector it should be added that the public sector needs that type of oversight as well.

Over For Now.

Main Street One