All Star Kevin Durant – Flag Football at OSU – during NBA Lockout

There have been many stories concerning various All Stars and their many outings and travels during the NBA lockout.

One of the best just happened.

Oklahoma City Thunder All Star #35 Kevin Durant found, via Twitter, a flag football game that was going to be played the night of his tweet and, after some back and forth with the student who responded, he agreed to play.

Not only that, Kevin went out of his way to pick up his Twitter connection and drive him to the game, being played by OSU Sigma Nu fraternity. That says quite a lot about #35.

The video says it all.

Thanks to Adam Kemp for filming it and mostly to George Overby for answering #35’s plea for some action during the lockout.

It is great to see someone like Kevin Durant mixing it up the way he did.

Over For Now.

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