Vince Flynn "American Assassin" (Mitch Rapp)

In the following video, bestselling author Vince Flynn reveals some of the backstory of Mitch Rapp, a fictional character who is America’s number one counter-terrorism operative appearing in 10 earlier novels, and his decision regarding writing the prequel.

Mitch Rapp’s official title is Special Assistant to the Director of the CIA on Counterterrorism. And special he is. Despite politics or red tape, Rapp does not let anything stand in his way of removing terrorists from the worldwide equation, though, at times, he does get slowed down. It has been announced that CBS Films will be taking American Assassin to the big screen. Should be excellent.

The Rapp series has developed an incredible following due to Flynn’s excellent storytelling abilities coupled with an outstanding protagonist, nicknamed Iron Man, along with a great supporting cast.

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