Extra’s Maria Menounos Loses Super Bowl Bet, Dons Bikini in Times Square

One thing is definite after Maria Menounos, the quite attractive 33-year-old correspondent at Extra, lost her Super Bowl bet: she will not likely try something like this again, especially during winter.

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Maria and a co-worker wagered not money on who would win the 2012 football classic, but something more personal. She backed the New England Patriots and, after losing, made good on the wager by wearing a blue and red New York Giants bikini in Times Square (complete with black UGGs, allowing some warmth).

Had she (and the Patriots) won, A. J. Calloway would have had to wear a Patriot’s cheerleading outfit. It is unfortunate that we will never know if he would have honored his loss the way she did hers.

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