Kathy Ireland Story In Forbes Closely Follows Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Cover Launch

People in public relations and marketing who are clever will capitalize on any and every opportunity to promote their good and services.

That is their function, after all, to make their client stand out and sell product.

Thus, it is really no surprise that Kathy Ireland, former Sports Illustrated cover and supermodel who turned into quite the successful businesswoman, has captured the cover, and cover story, of a soon-to-be-released issue of Forbes magazine.

Ireland was featured in the SI Swimsuit edition 13 times, including gracing the cover on three of those. Her 1989 cover, the 25th anniversary edition, still holds the crown as the best-selling swimsuit issue of all time.

Back to the point at hand.

Following an extremely successful release of the latest SI swimsuit issue, wherein all manner of attention is bestowed upon the winner, Kate Upton, and Sports Illustrated, it makes perfect sense for Ireland, and Forbes, to ride that wave and, perhaps, garner, extreme sales for the Queen of Licensing (Martha Stewart holds second place).

Ireland’s business and career strategy, detailed in Forbes, paid off quite handsomely. Catering to the working mom with her products, Kathy Ireland Worldwide is worth north of $300 million.

The lady has done quite well, to say the least.

And, even if someone is to say that the timing of Forbes featuring Ireland so quickly following Upton and the SI Swimsuit edition is a coincidence, this blogger won’t buy it as everyone knows the approximate annual date for uncovering the swimsuit beauties.

Congratulations to Kathy Ireland for making, it certainly appears, all the right moves.

Over For Now.

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