Delta King Riverboat Hotel

The Delta King riverboat was christened, along with its sister ship, the Delta Queen, on May 20, 1927.   Their heritage includes partial construction in Glasgow, Scotland, and completion in Stockton, California.Delta King Hotel

The twin ships originally made 10-hour overnight runs between San Francisco and Sacramento, California, and would do this for the next 13 years.  This period, of course, covers the prohibition era when the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol was outlawed.  The stern wheel paddle boats would, however, feature not only fine dining, jazz bands and gambling but also … drinking, as consumption was not illegal.

During World War II, beginning in November, 1940, the Delta King and Delta Queen served as troop transport, floating barracks and hospital ships for the U.S. Navy.  Once relinquished by the Navy, the Delta Queen left for the Mississippi River, taking her twin’s engine as spare parts and leaving the King as a vessel to be towed from that point forward.

The Delta King found its way to various locations between California and Canada, but with no real purpose or significance.  In 1982 the boat mysteriously sank near Richmond, California, and remained under water for over a year.Delta King Hotel

When the Delta King was raised it was discovered that the damage was minor and was brought to Sacramento, completely renovated and converted into a permanently moored 44-room hotel, boasting two restaurants, two theaters, and a wine school.

The hotel itself is charming, especially when coupled with a unique history.  It seems, nowadays, that many hotels provide an abundance of room.  That is not the case with the Delta King.  The staterooms are not overly spacious, they are comfortable if not a bit cozy.  As most of what this blogger does in a hotel is sleep, that is not an issue.  It may be for some.  Accommodations do include a complimentary breakfast, including two eggs, grilled potatoes, bacon or ham, blueberry muffin, orange juice, and coffee or tea.  For just a bit more one can upgrade to something like Eggs Benedict.Delta King Hotel Breakfast
Delta King Hotel BreakfastOn March 1, 1978, the riverboat was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

For a change of pace, the Delta King Hotel delivers.

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