Windsor Castle – Berkshire County England

Windsor Castle is the Royal Residence of Great Britain’s monarchy and is located in Berkshire County, England. The castle, originally a strategic defensive fortification, has seen numerous rebellions and wars throughout its thousand-year existence, and even went through a period of neglect in the 18th century.

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle from the street

Situated on more than thirteen acres (five hectares), the castle was originally constructed by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. Windsor is Europe’s longest occupied royal palace, beginning with Henry I, though George I and George II, in the 18th century, paid little attention to the property, preferring others.

Windsor Castle
South Wing of the Upper Ward

Early in the 19th century, George IV was elaborate in renovations of Windsor, spending approximately £300,000 ($503,000), the equivalent of £245 million ($411 million) in 2008,  to thoroughly refine and modernize the structures.

Windsor Castle
A Peak Inside

The royal palace is huge, at over 44,965 square meters (484,000 square feet) with more than 13,000 rooms. At present, there are an estimated 500 people living and working inside Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle
A View from the Gardens

When visiting anywhere near London, a visit to historically significant Windsor Castle is a must.

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