The Art of the Photobomb

Over the past few years, photobombing has taken on an art form of its own and the vast, ever-expanding world of social media has taken this activity to bold, new heights.

Michael Douglas Photobomb Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie
Michael Douglas photobombs Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes- NBCUPhotobank Rex Features

Pranksters from all walks of life, who were not invited to be in a photo, simply steal the show from the main subject(s). It seems that virtually anyone can be photobombed as well as be the photobomber, as evidenced by the now-classic A-list Celebrity and Royal photobombs depicted above and below.

Prince Harry - Massey University
Prince Harry photobombing at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games – Massey University/Bev Hari

People have probed and scoured the Internet then launched websites and blogs totally devoted to delivering “the best of” photobombs to the rest of the universe. Some photobombs are very funny, some are pretty lame, and then there are others that aren’t really photobombs at all, just captioned or tagged that way to capitalize on the term and grab some attention.

Saturn Occultation - Hannah Osborne
Saturn Occultation – Hannah Osborne

I mean, really, did the Moon actually photobomb Saturn as stated in the headline that accompanied the above photo? IMHO, it did not. But, it is a very nicely captured image in its own right. In the end, I suppose, it is all in the eyes of – and definition held by – the beholder.

Over For Now.

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