Hawkesmill Hand-made Camera Messenger Bags

Several months ago Main Street One reviewed the Hawkesmill Camera Messenger bags.  Since that time, and having now used the Sloane Street large bag quite a bit, it can only be said that the bags are better than described.  Yes, better.

The quality of workmanship is simply superb.  And, by chance, Hawkesmill just posted a video showing many facets of the hand-crafting that is done to create these beautiful, yet highly functional, pieces.

I am sure that you can see, while watching the video, the high quality workmanship, the attention to detail.  These are not your run-of-the-mill bags.  They quietly shout their caliber and character.

Do yourself a favor and pop on over to the Hawkesmill website and order one.  You will NOT be disappointed.

As SLR lounge said so well in their quite positive review, “The Jermyn Street and the line it belongs to brings a little extra joy to a casual day out, and is a bit of a statement piece. But instead of stating to the world you’re a ‘photographer hear me roar’, it speaks of you more as an individual…”

As the bags will undoubtedly last a lifetime, they are worth every single penny.

Over For Now.

Main Street One