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I am a direct descendant of Chief White Hair of the Osage Nation (my 6th great grandfather) and at least eight Colonials (4th, 5th and 6th great-grandfathers) who fought for freedom during the War for Independence, not to mention 1st cousin to uncompromising Patriot and statesman Patrick Henry and 2nd cousin to Dolley Madison, wife of our 4th president.

Over the past two decades I have researched and found other infamous characters in our tree, one which I named A Tree of Different Roots.  Some of the other relations are: Queen Elizabeth (10th cousin), General George Custer (4th cousin, 4 times removed or 4 generations ago), Frank and Jesse James (6th cousins, 3 times removed), and Butch Cassidy (7th cousin, 2 times removed).  As well, there are some who married into our family tree but whose bloodline we do not share:  Martha Dandridge Washington (wife of our 1st president) and Zachary Taylor, our 12th president.

III Don't Tread On me

The blog name, Main Street One, comes from the use of Main Street describing what might be typical Americans.  As such, most posts deal with America and Americanism, though there are articles concerning travel to other countries.

I have written and had published/printed about two million words – feature articles, news stories, commentaries, op-eds, ad and promotional copy, website copy, brochures, white papers, a novel, short stories, poetry, lyrics (BMI member), you name it.  As well, I have been contracted as a ghost writer.  I have also edited virtually every type of written work.


I have over four decades of experience in marketing (traditional and digital) and public affairs, and currently do freelance work as a copywriter, content creator, editor, web designer, and assist people and companies by ensuring their branding is optimized through what I call Sync’d Up Marketing.

Sync'd Up Marketing

If you wish to contact me please visit my main website contact page.