In Search of Liberty – An EduDramedy Movie

An Edu–what??  An Educational Dramatic Comedy, a full-length motion picture that not only educates but is highly entertaining.  It is so unique that the term – EduDramedy™ – had to be coined.

IC Liberty Films LLC is an independent movie marketing and distribution company founded by producer and director Norm Novitsky and the first film being distributed in this newly developed genre is In Search of Liberty.

In the family-friendly movie, a captivating statesman from America’s past takes a modern-day family on a series of wild adventures.  With a spicy mix of humor, magic and logic, he opens their eyes to the origins and importance of the U.S. Constitution, the degree to which it is under attack today and what can and must be done to save it.

Key aspects of the Constitution are clearly outlined and important Amendments—such as those guaranteeing freedom of religion and speech, the right to bear arms, warrants for search and seizure, and more—are shown to be vital in everyday life.

An ensemble cast of veteran and new talent from stage, film, television and lifestyle entertainment bring to life this family-friendly educational adventure about the U.S. Constitution.

The film features Jimmy Hagar, accomplished stage, TV and movie actor; Bobby Deen, a familiar face on numerous cooking shows and the son of American celebrity chef Paula Deen; Karen Boles, publisher and talented movie, TV and voiceover actress; and Simone Griffeth, who starred alongside David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone in “Death Race 2000.”  In addition, brother and sister Kayla and Tyler Huth, of TV’s “Rays Rookies” and “Manhunt Unibomber” respectively, and who both appear in “No Place in this World,” have starring roles.

The movie is available on BluRay, DVD and Digital HD.

Visit In Search of Liberty for your copy today!

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A Masterpiece – Hell’s Club New Mashup

There are some works people produce that may simply be called a masterpiece. Hell’s Club, New Mashup, produced by AMDSFILMS is one such production.

This video, by Antonio Maria Da Silva, is an incredible film clip compilation of some of the biggest stars and best movies ever produced.

That they all converge at “Hell’s Club” could be, perhaps, preordained or some act of fate.

Regardless, sit back for the next 10 minutes and enjoy some of the best editing that has been accomplished.

Be sure to count the number of stars and their various movies that are contained herein. And, view until after the credits!

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Mitch Rapp IS The Survivor – Vince Flynn Tale by Kyle Mills

Ok, yes, I am a Mitch Rapp junkie, have been since 1999.  A few months ago I became an official Mitch Rapp Ambassador (via the Vince Flynn website and newsletter) and one perk of this taskforce was being able to receive an Advance Reader’s Edition of this latest Rapp installment, The Survivor, written by Kyle Mills.

Vince Flynn The Survivor by Kyle MillsAs a note, I did re-read The Last Man (2013), the final Rapp story penned by Vince Flynn before his untimely passing, as a bit of a comparative.  So, upfront…while this is not Flynn, may he rest in peace…IMO it is hard to tell the difference as Mills obviously immersed himself in all things Mitch Rapp.  He did extremely well keeping the style, pacing, flavor and feeling of Rapp in tact for the millions of die-hard fans who have enjoyed Rapp’s wild and heroic exploits over the years.

The Survivor does pick up where The Last Man left off, though you can read this one and not be lost.  The CIA must, at all costs, recover classified information that was compromised when Joe “Rick” Rickman, long-tenured CIA black ops master in Afghanistan, went rogue and staged his own kidnapping and beating.  He had really put the information and himself for sale to the Pakistanis.  Rapp thought that he had ended the threat when he killed Rickman.  Unfortunately, he was wrong.

From seemingly beyond the grave, a video from Rickman is delivered and reveals he knew way too much about way too many things he should not have known.  As it says on the Vince Flynn website: “Now it’s a deadly race as both the Pakistanis and the Americans search for Rickman’s accomplices and the information they are slowly leaking to the world.”  Uh-oh.

Mitch Rapp AmbassadorIf you have been a Flynn/Rapp fan, rest assured, you should not be disappointed with Kyle Mills now writing the adventures.  He expertly utilizes some of our favorite series characters in this intricately plotted thriller, including CIA Director Irene Kennedy, Rapp’s pal and former SEAL Team Six Commander Scott Coleman and Stan Hurley, Rapp’s trainer.

For those new to Rapp, the first published book about the counter-terrorism expert was Transfer of Power, in 1999, when I got hooked.  After many rousing adventures Flynn gave us two books with some back story, thus becoming the real start of Mitch Rapp and his series.  They are American Assassin and Kill Shot, published in 2011 and 2012, respectively.  All of the books are stand-alones but if you really like political thrillers and great action, you might want to start at the beginning and enjoy the ride, after you read this one, of course.

The Survivor will be released October 6, 2015.

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The Art of the Photobomb

Over the past few years, photobombing has taken on an art form of its own and the vast, ever-expanding world of social media has taken this activity to bold, new heights.

Michael Douglas Photobomb Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie
Michael Douglas photobombs Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes- NBCUPhotobank Rex Features

Pranksters from all walks of life, who were not invited to be in a photo, simply steal the show from the main subject(s). It seems that virtually anyone can be photobombed as well as be the photobomber, as evidenced by the now-classic A-list Celebrity and Royal photobombs depicted above and below.

Prince Harry - Massey University
Prince Harry photobombing at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games – Massey University/Bev Hari

People have probed and scoured the Internet then launched websites and blogs totally devoted to delivering “the best of” photobombs to the rest of the universe. Some photobombs are very funny, some are pretty lame, and then there are others that aren’t really photobombs at all, just captioned or tagged that way to capitalize on the term and grab some attention.

Saturn Occultation - Hannah Osborne
Saturn Occultation – Hannah Osborne

I mean, really, did the Moon actually photobomb Saturn as stated in the headline that accompanied the above photo? IMHO, it did not. But, it is a very nicely captured image in its own right. In the end, I suppose, it is all in the eyes of – and definition held by – the beholder.

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