Review: LG Electronics 55UF6450 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

I bought this LG 4K Ultra at what I feel was an outstanding price for a 55-inch unit.  As it is a brand new model from LG this season there were no reviews when I purchased it (Nov 23).   However, I am familiar with the overall good reputation of LG and the other size LG 4K models that were on display and turned on looked great.

LG 55UF6450 55-Inch 4K
   LG Stock Photo

Set-up was a breeze.  Four screws secure the two legs to the base of the unit.  Plug it in.  Follow some instructions to set up the basics.  You’re ready.

There are now some reviews written around the web and I did notice some negative comments about the Operating System (OS) not being up to par with some other brands.  Those are mostly true, the OS is a bit limited, and is one factor to keep this from receiving a 5 star rating.

LG 55UF6450 55-Inch 4K
   LG Stock Photo

That said, my Sony BluRay Disc Player is what I use to access my VuDU Account and my Amazon Prime Video, anyway, so it is really a non-issue for me.  Factually, as my BD player has the capability I would have preferred a “non-Smart” TV, but it does not seem to be available in 4K.

The colors are fantastic on my unit.  Beautiful blues.  Great greens.  Black blacks.  Robust reds.  Etc.  You can also tweak colors a bit via Picture Mode Settings to your personal tastes.  The sound is not bad for a TV but I never use TV sound, haven’t for years.  Currently, I have a JBL Cinema SB100 Soundbar that is connected, sitting at the base of the LG.  I am watching Jurassic World right now writing this review.  The colors and sound are exactly what I wanted.  I also like that it has 3 HDMI connections.

The OS and sound keep this LG 55-inch 4K Ultra HDTV from being a full 5-star, but, for me, this is a solid 4-plus.  Note: be sure that your HDMI cable is newer and is compatible with 4K as that can make a difference.  I use and love Blue Rigger for all my HDMI and Optical cables.

This LG 4K is a keeper.

Over For Now.

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