Political Poll – Do Not Re-elect Anyone

The results of the most recent USA Today/Gallup poll revealed that only 24% of those surveyed felt that most members of Congress deserve to be re-elected.

Interesting that the word “most” is included.

Despite splitting hairs on that point, the vast majority of Americans are furious with those elected to take care of business.

Alas, that is the problem.

Capitol Hill is not taking care of business. They are not taking care of anything other than themselves.

They can point fingers and name call with the best of them.

They cannot get a product.

The collective intelligence and effort of the White House, Senate and House were only able to arrive at a 50% (if that) solution on the “debt crisis” and spending free-for-all that exists (due to those very people).

The result of that farce “historic” agreement was a credit rating downgrade by S&P and a loss of 600+ points in the market.

Great job Washington DC!

And, to top that off, those very same people who are supposed to represent Main Street USA decided that their 4 week vacation was vastly more important that the FAA fiasco.

Those elected to “serve the people” decided to leave and cost the government an estimated one billion dollars (though it will probably end up a much larger figure) in revenue. That is truly astounding. Astonishing.

No matter what happens, members of Congress will still receive their overly generous pension, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Where is accountability?

All of the above was a long-winded way of finally asking this question: are the people who think ANY people currently on Capitol Hill deserve re-election citizens of this country?

It certainly does not seem that way.

America needs real leaders. America needs Statespeople. America does NOT need politicians.

Over For Now.

Main Street One

Congress Must Be Held Accountable

Where is it that elected representatives feel that they can take their leave without finishing urgent business, causing financial loss and unemployment, two major issues facing their “people.”

Only in America.

It is most disturbing that members of the House and Senate take their four week leave prior to dealing with the expired FAA taxation.

This serious lapse by Congress is estimated to cost the government approximately one billion dollars in revenue.

Isn’t there a financial crisis still facing the United States?

Does Congress feel that dealing with the loss of a billion can wait?

Or, is that number too small to worry about?

The time is past due when all individuals elected to represent the people perform their jobs as professionals, not as politicians.

They (members of Congress) need to balance the budget. They need to totally eliminate earmarks as a “way of life.” They need to trim their own office expenses. They need to quit spending more than is collected by the myriad sources of income they collect. They need to be held 100% accountable.

In short they need to put our house in order.

Main Street USA should not have to continue paying for the excesses and irresponsibility exhibited year after year on Capitol Hill.

America does not need more politicians. America needs leaders. America needs people who take full responsibility for their actions.

Over For now.

Main Street One