New Jersey: Another Reminder

With the recent arrest of 44 people, including elected officials and even rabbis, added to more than 130 other New Jersey public officials who have either been convicted of, or plead guilty to, a variety of corruption charges in the new millennium, that state showcases the ever-growing problem Main Street USA faces with white collar crime, particularly in the political arena.

We the people elect those who are supposed to be our voice, represent us and look out for us, but with the decay of our political system that is occurring through persons of obvious questionable character where do we turn to find people who possess the moral character and have ethical values that we can trust?

Unfortunately, it appears more and more that the saying “Everyone has their price” is true.

There have been those convicted of accepting bribes in office, generally to reward, through taxpayer money, people or companies giving them the money. Others are paid to turn their backs. And on and on and on.

For these characters it appears that greed is the motivating factor, although there is probably the unquenchable want or need of power that also plays a part.

After Governor Sanford confessed to adultery (which I still contend is a much lesser charge than the dereliction of duty he exhibited by flying off to South America where no one could find him or even knew where he was) I happened to read an article about politicians and how they may end up in this way.

In a nutshell, it is claimed to be ego.

Elected officials generally possess such a huge ego that they need gratification at the highest levels. And, some of them choose sexual trysts as an outlet.

Greed. Power. Ego.

There is, seemingly, no end to the types of corruption and unethical behavior that humans can become involved.

So I ask again, how do we know that the ones we vote for will not end up in this way?

Probably there is no sure way to tell.

But one thing is sure.

The penalties for those public servants who decide to go down that path need to be much more gruesome and which will, hopefully, send a message to all others to 1) cease and desist what you are doing before you are caught and turn state’s evidence over to accept a lesser penalty and 2) do not even think of partaking in anything remotely shady or you will find yourself behind bars with no pension, no safety net, no leniency.

Over For Now,

Main Street One