The Chocolate We Love

Chocolate, in virtually any form, has been an addiction for as long as I can remember.

As a child, an untold number of those confectionery bars found their way into my body, along with your standard chocolate cookie, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, etc.

Growing older I became more selective in my appetite for chocolate, and the types thereof, i.e., milk, dark and white chocolate, and the forms it could take.

Chocolate MousseYes, there were still candy bars consumed while developing my choc-lover palette, especially, it seems, when chocolate had been combined with peanut butter (still a fave), but my taste grew the most when discovering the myriad ways my favorite flavor could be formed into incredibly savory cacao desserts, paired with, most often, a cabernet sauvignon or Bordeaux, but also with a fantastic double or triple espresso.

Two of my all-time most cherished choc-desserts are Chocolate Mousse and Flourless Chocolate Cake.

Flourless Chocolate CakeI do not think I will ever tire of tasting these two delicacies from any establishment I visit as I cannot recall a time I have even bitten into one and been disappointed or, worse, gagged (as I have when eating some other desserts I have tired over the years).

Fortunately, it seems, my zeroed-in choc journey will never end, for every Chocolate Mousse does not taste like every other Chocolate Mousse, and every Flourless Choc Cake tastes slightly different from all the others, as there are always slight variations a dessert chef will perform when creating their own version.

The pleasure is in the hunt, the anticipation and, finally, tasting the delectable and highly enjoyable chocolate dessert.

Over For Now.

Main Street One

Foodie Stop: Hooters

To be upfront, most of my meals consist of natural and organic foods. However, there are times when a craving hits, and hits hard. Today was such a day.

While many people enjoy Hooters for their 15 flavors of Wings and others for their Chicken Breasts, when my body demands that it be fed at “The Original One and Only Hooters” restaurant the longing is typically for their Western BBQ Burger (topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings and other goodies), along with mandatory French fries, accompanied by an ice cold Heineken draft.

To sum the experience up in one word is a fairly difficult task, so let us try: delectable.

Hooters Wetsern BBQ BurgerThat word, of course, means: delightful, highly pleasing, enjoyable, delicious, pleasurable, gratifying, among other words that define the gastronomic effect that this dish conveys to the taste buds.

I typically always order meat medium and am very rarely disappointed in the flavor that accompanies. This plate did not disappoint in the least. Nor has it ever at the several Hooters restaurants I have visited across the states over the past nearly three decades, my first being in San Antonio, Texas, along River Walk, in the mid-1980s (which was an interesting stopover on the way to the Bahamas).

However, once that plate had been fully devoured there was another demand from the body. Dessert.

There are only three to choose from on the menu; Caramel Fudge Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse Cake and Key Lime Pie.

Hooters Caramel Fudge CheesecakeAny one of them are more than worth the extra exercise to rid the additional calories consumed. For this trip it was the Caramel Fudge Cheesecake and coffee. Yes, I would rather have had espresso with dessert, but that is, unfortunately, not an option. Regular ole java is, however, an adequate substitute because the taste of the cheesecake is perfectly marvelous – so much so that I nearly ordered seconds.

In fairness to full disclosure it must be noted here that I am and have been, for as long as I can remember, a cheesecake junkie. This one from Hooters scores high on the list.

The Hooters Western BBQ Burger is highly recommended to anyone wishing to enjoy such a dish. It is, coupled with the fries, a fairly large amount of food so it is suggested that if you also love a great dessert to finish your meal-of-the-day that you arrive properly hungry.

Over For Now.

Main Street One