House Speaker Speaks Up, Defies Polls

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, on ABC television’s “This Week,” stated, without any doubt, that if President Obama decides to use the reconciliation method of political maneuvering she will deliver the votes without the support of any Republicans.

Make no mistake, polls also show reform is needed and wanted.

However, poll after poll bring into the open that the majority of Americans do not approve of either of the bills that passed the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The strong-arm tactic that will apparently be used on these earmarked pieces of legislation that will affect 17% of the U.S. economy is not representative of what Americans need or want.

Why won’t our elected representatives listen?

It has been voiced by some Democrats that objections regarding the healthcare reform bills are due to mis-information delivered by Republicans.

There probably does exist some of that.

However, Democrats are guilty of the same activity.

Consider that the bills are supposedly going to provide coverage for some 30 million Americans who do not currently have any form of healthcare insurance.

Yet, one third of that total, ten million people, have elected not to carry insurance, despite the fact that they can afford it. These people are exercising their own free will, as is their right, and making their own decisions about what they need and want.

Not if this legislation passes.

They will be forced into obtaining and paying for insurance, or be fined and/or be visited by the IRS.

This type of political activity, economic ramifications aside, erodes our Bill of Rights.

This type of political activity drastically increases the role of government in the lives of all Americans.

It used to be that when the People speak those who have been elected to follow the will of the People respond to that will.

Evidently, no longer.

As Pelosi stated on ABC TV, “We’re here to do the job for the American people — to get them results that gives them not only health security, but economic security, because the health issue is an economic issue for America’s families.”

If she truly believed those words, then the Speaker would respond to, and support, the People, Main Street USA. She would champion their cause and scrap the thousands of pages of pork-filled legislation that currently exist and start anew with something meaningful and truly helpful.

Instead of ducking their responsibility on Tort Reform by passing it off to the individual states (which, as previously discussed, would become a national matter in the U.S. Supreme Court), the House and Senate should pass legislation immediately in this area.

Taxpayers do not need to pay for frivolous lawsuits that clog the Court system and, in the end, raise insurance rates each and every time they succeed. That is a double-whammy to the pocketbook of Main Street USA.

One last note.

Most of the articles that appear regarding passage of healthcare reform state that “Obama has the votes to pass reform” the way it is currently written.

Since when did the White House become more important than the collective voice, opinion and will of Main Street USA?

Yes, President Obama, we do need healthcare reform.

But not in the current state as presented.

Eliminate Medicare and Medicaid fraud-NOW.

Stop frivolous lawsuits with Tort Reform-AT ONCE.

Then, and only then, should we move forward with legislation that is significant and does not trample on the Rights of Americans to choose what they need and want.

Over For Now.

Main Street One

Fumo: Only Fifty-Five Months ? ? ?

Former Pennsylvania Democrat State Senator Vincent Fumo, who was found guilty of 137 counts of fraud, obstructing justice and tax violations, received only a fraction of the prison time that was anticipated.

And many people are not happy about it.

Pat Meehan, former U.S. Attorney, was quoted on as saying, “The original [sentencing] guidelines were calculated at 22-26 years and a four and a half year sentence just seems remarkably out of kilter with all of it.”

Out of kilter? Understatement.

It seems that Fumo’s medical problems may have helped rescue him from a lengthy sentence, as he takes several medications. (See my earlier post about what can happen when a person has to take several meds.)

It also has been mentioned that his years of public service entered into the lighter jail-time.

Regardless, Fumo was guilt of 137 COUNTS and I do not believe that any Main Streeter who was found guilty of that kind of criminality, even if they had medical issues similar to Fumo, and even if they had a sterling reputation otherwise in the private sector, could have gotten off this lightly.

Another note. Fumo’s attorneys had argued that if their 65 year-old client were to receive a sentence of over 20 years that it would essentially be life imprisonment. (So?)

That didn’t seem to matter much with Bernard Madoff who received a 150-year sentence, which is a more-than-life sentence but not a death sentence. (His attorney argued that no more than 20 years would be sufficient punishment, due to his age, 71.)

Realistically, there is not much comparison between the crimes Madoff committed and those of Fumo. But the point is for Madoff, age had absolutely no bearing. For Fumo it did (coupled with his sterling public service, before he went corrupt, I suppose.)

Interesting note: Fumo succeeded Democrat Buddy Cianfrani in 1978 when Cianfrani was convicted of racketeering, bribery and obstruction of justice.

While Fumo may have received some time, it was not enough to fit the crime.

Over For Now,

Main Street One