Marilyn Monroe – A Hollywood Legend and Her "Secret Diaries"

There may be no actress on Earth better known than the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

From the foster home child, Norma Jeane Mortensen-Baker, through her rise as Marilyn Monroe, one of the most sought after stars to ever hit the screen, her life was filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

There have been numerous biographies and articles written about virtually every aspect of her fabeled life. Many speculate about her death and the missing hours between the discovery of her body and when medical assistance was finally called.

Despite any and all writings, there is, unfortunately, nothing definitive and that mystery will probably so remain: accident, suicide, murder?

Approximately one-and-one-half years ago, Vanity Fair magazine presented a cover story concerning the contents of what is being called Marilyn’s Secret Diaries.

Hidden away in two locked file cabinets were scores and scores of momentos, recipts, notes and other bits of the private, larger-than-life, sex symbol.

The short video below provides a glimpse into the contents of the cabinets. The magzine provides the overall picture and may be found on amazon.

The years pass. Marilyn endures. Her mystery is sure to provide writers with ample fodder for a long time to come.

Marilyn left behind a body of work for which she could be proud and which people around the world continue to enjoy.

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Kathy Ireland Story In Forbes Closely Follows Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Cover Launch

People in public relations and marketing who are clever will capitalize on any and every opportunity to promote their good and services.

That is their function, after all, to make their client stand out and sell product.

Thus, it is really no surprise that Kathy Ireland, former Sports Illustrated cover and supermodel who turned into quite the successful businesswoman, has captured the cover, and cover story, of a soon-to-be-released issue of Forbes magazine.

Ireland was featured in the SI Swimsuit edition 13 times, including gracing the cover on three of those. Her 1989 cover, the 25th anniversary edition, still holds the crown as the best-selling swimsuit issue of all time.

Back to the point at hand.

Following an extremely successful release of the latest SI swimsuit issue, wherein all manner of attention is bestowed upon the winner, Kate Upton, and Sports Illustrated, it makes perfect sense for Ireland, and Forbes, to ride that wave and, perhaps, garner, extreme sales for the Queen of Licensing (Martha Stewart holds second place).

Ireland’s business and career strategy, detailed in Forbes, paid off quite handsomely. Catering to the working mom with her products, Kathy Ireland Worldwide is worth north of $300 million.

The lady has done quite well, to say the least.

And, even if someone is to say that the timing of Forbes featuring Ireland so quickly following Upton and the SI Swimsuit edition is a coincidence, this blogger won’t buy it as everyone knows the approximate annual date for uncovering the swimsuit beauties.

Congratulations to Kathy Ireland for making, it certainly appears, all the right moves.

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Marilyn Monroe – Beautiful Icon, Talented Legend

The legend and mystic of Marilyn Monroe seems to grow year by year.

Aside from her early multiple foster home upbringing and surrounded by rumors, alleged affairs, a death conspiracy and more, Marilyn (born Norma Jeane Mortenson and baptized Norma Jeane Baker) became a cultural, pop, beauty and sex symbol icon for the ages.

Young Norma Jeane married in 1942 at 16 and when her husband, Jim Dougherty, went to the Pacific during World War II, the young lady’s career as a model began (as Norma Jeane Dougherty), ultimately gracing the covers of many magazines and leading to a movie contract and a divorce.

Initially her movie stage name was Carole Lind, soon changed to Jeane Monroe and finally she and the studio decided upon Marilyn Monroe.

Though the following scenes from 1948’s Ladies of the Chorus is not her actual first appearance on the big screen, it was her first major role. Her first appearance, uncredited, was in 1947’s The Shocking Miss Pilgrim.

All told, Marilyn completed 32 motion pictures in her short 15 year Hollywood career. Her first starring role was in the 1952 film Don’t Bother to Knock. Her last role was in the unfinished Something’s Got To Give.

Her many challenges as a woman making it in the world of Tinseltown, glamour and fame may not be the most that have been overcome and the constant conjecture of homicide over suicide have undoubtedly added to her mystery. Regardless, the lady was, indeed, a mega-star and combined beauty and talent as few others have ever done.

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