Google Wants YOU ! (The Google Control Factor)

Technology is amazing. It is fun. It makes activities more enjoyable. It makes work easier.

There is much to be admired about the tech world.

There are also the problems faced when that technology, which has become so completely integrated into both work and play, goes down. Nothing is cursed more than a crashed server or frozen screen when one is in the middle of an important project.

Even further, though, there is a tech-control factor at play.

While the leaders of the American government have used all manner of excuses to erode the personal liberty and freedom upon which the country was founded, there are tech giants willing to go the extra mile in their quest for control.

Witness, specifically, the Samsung Nexus S 4G by Google.

It is a fabulous smart phone, an excellent alternative to the much more expensive Apple iPhone.

But, buyer beware!

Google insists that Nexus S owners use Google Wallet.

How, one might ask? Easy. If Wallet is not activated it eats battery juice at an unbelievably fast pace. Without using the phone, with the Wallet application running (though not activated and in use by the consumer), the phone will last less than 24 hours before needing to be charged.

That, quite simply, is insane.

The issue is that Google does not allow an owner to delete the Wallet application, despite the fact that certain consumers will never use a wireless device to transact financial matters.

The only effective method found to date to limit the intense drain caused by Wallet is to take a minute or two, every few hours, and Force Stop Wallet. Doing that will keep its energy-gobbling to a minimum.

It is true that Google has, in many ways, made life better for millions upon millions of people around the world.

However, a line must be drawn between convenience and dominance (i.e., control).

If a Nexus S owner desires to use Wallet they should simply be able to activate it. Likewise, if someone does not wish to use Wallet they should not have to Force Stop it every two or three hours to prevent battery drain.

That type of control loses customers.

The iPhone is looking substantially better all the time.

Over For Now.

Main Street One

Facebook Sells Its Soul To The Highest Bidder

Mark Zukerberg and his compadres at Facebook have sold their collective souls to line their pockets even further prior to FB’s huge IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Not all Facebook users have been switched to the new Timeline format, which was previously announced by Zukerberg would be done on January 31, 2012. Perhaps the company is rolling out the new look alphabetically or by region or zone.

Many people on FB are unhappy with the new “look” and method of interaction, according to various surveys that have been conducted.

One reason for the change may have been that the Timeline looks good on iPhones and smartphones, as opposed to the not so nice appearance on a PC or laptop. Afterall, a large number of people access the social network via their phones.

Perhaps the reason is now more evident.

Perhaps it was a way for Mark and Co. to place a large number of ads IN YOUR FACE!!!

There are atrocious looking ads directly under a user’s “Cover Photo.” They are also placed in their “Timeline” (big box ads as large as the photos a person posts), and on the user’s “About” page.

The worst part is that they are cheesy “you have won” or “I need a date” and “singles” ads. Following are actual samples.

Notice the selected in (user’s city) “personalized” approach
Timeline Box Ad
A few even look like something FB would post (with a small disclaimer)
Timeline Box Ad
And, of course, none of these are Your FB Friends…

It may have been that many of these ads existed prior to the change to Timeline. If so, this blogger never noticed them.

Not any more. The ads are very invasive. They are very ugly. They speak to the highest form of corporate greed that exists.

Hopefully enough Facebookers will protest loudy to Zuckerberg. Perhaps he will listen, perhaps not.

It also begs the question…does Mark’s personal FB page sport these ads? Afterall, he could program them to not appear.

After reading his rather lengthy letter contained in the FB IPO and now seeing the types of ads that are popping up on a user’s Timeline and elsewhere, it just might be that he was not at all sincere, that some communications art grad wrote the PR copy to make it appear that he is not about the money.

The ads (placement of, types of) definitely prove otherwise.

Over For Now.

Main Street One 

Update: About two hours after the ads appeared…poof…they were gone. Might have been a glitch with FB programming allowing them to surface, or possibly an employee pushed the button too soon, or maybe there were too many complaints. Hopefully they will not appear again, but that may be asking too much.

Apple Co-Founder, Tech Visionary Steve Jobs Passes (1955-2011)

Very few people have had the kind of impact on the world as has Steve Jobs.

Founding Apple with partner Steve Wozniak in 1976, Jobs was the visionary, the spokesperson, the sales person, the face of the company.

Steve Jobs, obviously with assistance from others, was the leader of the packs that revolutionaized and transformed the computing, telecommunications, music and film industries.

His belief in himself and what could be accomplished, and what he did make come true, put him on par with the best of the best of innovators and inventors.

His story is well-known.

As are his biggest dreams and accomplishments: Apple II, Macintosh, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Pixar.

Steve Jobs.

24 February 1955 – 05 October 2011.

Rest in Peace.

Over For Now.

Main Street One