All Star Kevin Durant – Flag Football at OSU – during NBA Lockout

There have been many stories concerning various All Stars and their many outings and travels during the NBA lockout.

One of the best just happened.

Oklahoma City Thunder All Star #35 Kevin Durant found, via Twitter, a flag football game that was going to be played the night of his tweet and, after some back and forth with the student who responded, he agreed to play.

Not only that, Kevin went out of his way to pick up his Twitter connection and drive him to the game, being played by OSU Sigma Nu fraternity. That says quite a lot about #35.

The video says it all.

Thanks to Adam Kemp for filming it and mostly to George Overby for answering #35’s plea for some action during the lockout.

It is great to see someone like Kevin Durant mixing it up the way he did.

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NBA Lockout – David Stern, Owners, Union, Players … Listen Up, Then Play Ball

NBA Commissioner David Stern is an illusionist and a bully of sorts. The owners are all, pretty much, billionaires, with their primary fortune coming from places other than their franchise(s). Unions may or may not be good. The players, while possibly being overpaid for the sport they enjoy and perform, are trying to protect themselves and future generations of players.

What is the lockout all about?

Point blank, it is about money. Who gets what and how much.

Though no balance sheets have been examined, it is a good bet that none of the owners are in the poor house, despite what their basketball operations balance sheet and income statement may show.

Afterall, there are many business expenses deducted from income that are non cash, i.e., they do not take away any cashflow from the owner’s already deep pockets. So, are owners really losing money…are they losing cash?

Egos and greed are powerful motivators and those two characteristics show very clearly on both sides, to one degree or another.

Perhaps Stern, the owners, the union and the players should remember that it is the fan base that puts money into all of their pockets. Without fans, there simply is no money.

That comes from Sports Econ 101.

And regardless of what new Collective Bargaining Agreement is finally approved by both sides, owners can increase their revenues in many fashions, as can athletes with endorsements and other deals.

Thus, as this drama continues and as fans grow weary reading about how far apart the two sides remain, it would be wise for them, for the future of the sport and for their own pocketbooks, to examine their real motives for creating this situation. For, make no mistake, it was created.

The NBA hit an all-time high during the 2010-2011 season that will likely not be matched for quite some time once the bickering parties kiss and make up.

If Mr. Stern really wants a positive legacy he ought to remember that he is not on the court making fabulous, often incredible, plays. That job belongs to Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Ray Allen, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, and countless others.

And, regardless of how this ends, Stern will be remembered as the one who pulled the plug and cost fans the enjoyment of cheering their favorite teams and players.

The Commissioner can attempt to portray players as greedy but it was, and has always been, the owners who started paying exhorbitant salaries and bonuses, in an effort to win a title. True, a strong agent can force a player’s price up. But, an owner can always say no. End of argument.

To the owners…is this really about losing money on an accountant-creative balance sheet? Do you really think fans perceive you as broke paupers? Time to wake up.

What’s the old saying, “You made your own bed, now sleep in it.”

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Great Alley-Oop: Kobe Bryant to Derrick Rose

In an exhibition weekend in the Phillippines a group of NBA All Stars played the 16-man (one from each team) Fillipino All Star team at Smart-Araneta Coliseum in Manila.

The 2-day event is dubbed Ultimate All Star Weekend. And for good reason.

During one contest there was a play made where one Kobe Bryant put up a sweet underhand alley-oop to Derrick Rose who, of course, took it in stride and slammed it home.

As can be seen in the (short) clip, the crowd absolutely loved it.

In an off-the-backboard play, Kevin Durant grabs a defensive rebound, heads down court and flips the ball off the board feeding teammate James Harden, who takes a bit of an off-balance tumble following the action.

Other NBA All Stars included: Chris Paul, Tyreke Evans, Derek Fisher, and JaVale McGee.

Must have been an ultimate weekend for hoops fans.

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NBA All Star Game 2011 – Kobe & LeBron

What appeared to be a runaway game by the NBA West All Stars became very tense in the final moments, as the East, under some incredible bursts of steam led by LeBron James, created a nail biter for many fans.

However, one of the most memorable plays was a few moments earlier when eventual MVP Kobe Bryant (with game highs of 37 points and 14 boards) streaked for a dunk with LBJ attempting to deny Kobe on his home court with the now-famous “Chase Down” block.

What followed, aside from the Michael Jordan-style rear tap, was a beautiful behind-the-arc shot by the Black Mamba.

A quick one minute recap of these plays.

A great NBA All Star game to be sure, despite way too many turnovers, with a lot of hustle from Kevin Durant, Pau Gasol, Amar Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, to name a few.

Side Notes: Kobe tied the record of most times named All Star MVP with Bob Pettit at four while LeBron became only the second person to score an All Star Game triple-double (29-12-10) along side Michael Jordan.

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