Levi Who ? ? ? Not Strauss . . .

A possible book deal?

Pursuing a movie deal?

I find it pretty unbelievable.

When I start typing the word Levi in my Yahoo! Search the auto-fill lists Levi jeans, then Levi Strauss and then Levi Johnston as possible selections.

Levi who?

The Levi who became a household name during the Obama-McCain campaign, of course.

As reported by the Association Press, Levi Johnston, the former fiancé of Bristol Palin and father of their child, who was absolutely and completely unknown one year ago (outside of family and friends in Alaska, of course) is conceivably on his way to riches.

His pathway? He held a news conference from his attorney’s office announcing to the world his opinion of why Governor Palin tendered her resignation last week.

What better way brand a name for yourself (and possibly show publishers and movie producers that you can attract an audience) than by using someone who is national news as a catapult.

In response to the announcement, an email from a Palin family spokesperson to AP stated Johnston was “working on a piece fiction.” So, it may be that this young man’s written work will not be a tell-all of his relationship with Bristol and the Palin family. Then again, the email to AP may have been worded that way for a reason.

These days it seems that, aside from winning a lottery, the quickest way to fame and fortune is to become involved in a scandal of one kind or another (sex or drugs being the most captivating and lucrative) involving a national figure, be it a politician, a celebrity, an athlete, to name but a few. (I am sure there are a few people who come to mind immediately…)

And, one thing is for sure, it is no longer just 15 minutes of fame, as the old expression stated, that a person captures. With the Internet and social networks of all shapes and sizes the limelight could possibly go on indefinitely feeding the fire and fanning the flames, making a book and/or movie deal all that much closer to reality.

Over For Now,

Main Street One