Stars Speak For Nature

Almost a year ago Conservation International launched an awareness campaign featuring some of the world’s best-known celebrities speaking as nature (and elements thereof) with the goal of educating one and all about the need to take care of our planet.

The concept is great, the messages are fabulous and the imagery is stunning (and best viewed in HD full-screen).

People can argue all day long about climate change and wonder if we Humans have really done this, or does it really exist. But, there are simple truths. Chief among them is that Humans do indeed pollute our home, our planet, our Earth.

Take a look around. The burger wrapper in the street. An oil spill off the coast. The mess of paint on the ground. The soot captured in the atmosphere. The raped forests which are not replenished. Radiation spills. On and on and on. If one opens one’s eyes one can see what we Humans are doing to the home on which we all live.

Whether or not one financially supports this type of cause, as an individual it really does not take much to become more aware of and about the environment and to effectively do something about it and to then get others to help. There are ideas at the Conservation International site aptly named Nature is Speaking. There you can also watch the other videos , download incredible animated posters for your desktop, and more.

There is only one Planet Earth and it is up to each one of us to take care of it.

Yosemite Valley - Half Dome
Yosemite Valley – Half Dome

After all, it is a place of great beauty and incredible wonder.

Over For Now.

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