Rochester Castle – England’s Tallest Keep

The imposing Rochester Castle, a mighty Norman tower-keep of Kentish ragstone standing 113 feet, was built c. 1127 by William of Corbeil, Archbishop of Canterbury. It stands on the east bank of the River Medway.

Rochester is the tallest keep (central tower) in England and has been the commanding presence of the city and river crossing for over nine centuries. The castle and keep take up half of the Roman-built walled city.

From the 12th into the 14th centuries Rochester Castle played an important role in defending against invasion and uprising threats.

After falling into disrepair, King Edward III reconstructed the castle and it was fully functional by 1400. Over the next three centuries it was, once again, neglected and vandalized until the city took command of the property.

Though the castle’s center wooden flooring no longer exists there are passageways and stairs that carry visitors to the top of the keep, offering impressive views in all directions.

The English Heritage now has responsibility for preservation and its doors are open to the public. This castle is a must see when visting the South of England.

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