A Short Crime Story – the download

In 2001 computer/cyber crime was in its infancy.

Winston Reilly had an opportunity to make millions in an apparently risk-free operation.

All he had to do was simply steal the next generation security software, Security Achievement System (SASy for short), created by small-player TeleComm, at the company’s office.

Sometimes things are not quite so easy.

Download the Mystery and Suspense eBook the download.

A short crime story by Scott D. Welch. Highly recommended. PDF version only $0.99. Pay securely via PayPal.

It is also available through Amazon for Kindle here: the download, for $0.99.

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Darkness Descends Available On Kindle

This blogger’s crime thriller, Darkness Descends, written under the pseudonym Scott Frank, is now available, as of today, on Kindle.

The absolute highpoint of this endeavor was when New York Times bestselling author, Clive Cussler, said this about the book:“I truly enjoyed it. A real spellbinder with a multitude of twists and turns through a labyrinth of intrigue. A read not easily forgotten…a timeless tale of suspense.”

It doesn’t get much better than that.

A little about Darkness Descends:

Two weeks before graduation beautiful high school senior Courtney Atkinson is brutally beaten, raped and left for dead by two escaped convicts.

Track star Chris Walker was spotted by one of the assailants as he witnessed the assault and then fled.

What did he see? What does he know? Why is the mayor-Courtney’s uncle-subsequently kidnapped? And what does Chris do about all of this?

As any publisher’s marketing department would tell you, those questions can only be answered if you read the book. 
The Kindle version is available here: Darkness Descends Kindle.
 For those who prefer the hardcopy, a quality paperback version is available here: Darkness Descends hardcopy.
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