JFK Plaza aka Love Park in Philadelphia

In 1965, a plaza was constructed in downtown Philadelphia across from city hall, atop an underground parking garage. It was dedicated to President John F. Kennedy in 1967.

In 1969 a single spout fountain was added which, at times, has the water dyed to commemorate or note certain events, such as pink for breast cancer awareness, generally in October.

For the United States Bicentenniel in 1976 Robert Indiana created the Love sculpture. It was removed for a time in 1978 but placed permanently in the plaza after numerous complaints that it should return and remain.

For approximately two decades the plaza was a popular skateboarding location, due to its large granite surfaces and curved steps, but the mayor banned the activity in 2002, as well as changing the landscape to the locale by adding plants and grass, among other items considered barriers, making boarding less attractive.

Love Park attracts scores of thousands of visitors every year and offers an excellent photo opportunity, especially when the fountain is spewing colored water.

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The Thinker (Le Penseur) – Auguste Rodin

The Thinker (Le Penseur), originally called The Poet, is part of the larger, unfinished, work The Gates of Hell by Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), commissioned by the Directorate of Fine Arts, which he began in 1880 and worked on until his death.

The smaller version is located above the door panels of The Gates of Hell, which work is majorly composed of Rodin’s sketches of various Dante characters, probably based on his admiration of Dante’s Inferno.

The first large bronze cast figure of The Thinker was completed in 1902 and finally publicly presented in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair. There were 20 original castings made, as well as other versions that exist and are on display worldwide.

Many interpretations of The Thinker exist, including that it represents Dante looking down upon characters in the Inferno, or that it is Rodin himself meditating about his work, and even that it is Adam contemplating mankind’s demise caused by his original sin.

Regardless of the interpretation placed upon it, The Thinker remains a powerful work and is often used to symbolize philosophy.

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Philadelphia – City of Brotherly Love

A few captures in Philadelphia.

George Washington Monument, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia Love
The Thinker – Rodin
Benjamin Franklin – Craftsman
Rocky Balboa

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