President-elect Donald J Trump

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the United States of America elected a new president.  His name is Donald J. Trump.  He is a billionaire businessman who was, basically, fed up with the direction our country was headed.  Though the mainstream media did all they could to derail him, he beat the entitled Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And what did her followers do?  They took to the streets and rioted, among other things.  How is it that people become so unhinged because a candidate of their choice was not victorious?  Or is it true that George Soros is paying people to commit these actions?

I do not recall this type of behavior from conservatives when Barack Hussein Obama was elected in 2008, nor in 2012, subjecting us to four more years of his socialist-leaning leadership.

One can only hope that the people who are rioting come to their senses, because their actions certainly do not paint a pretty picture for the supposedly “tolerant” left wing liberals.

Regardless of all of that, America does indeed have a new president.

Donald J TrumpWhat kind of man is he?

He has been called every horrible name in the book by those on the far and not-so-far left, and especially by HRC, at every opportunity.  Indeed, they are very good at name calling.

Trump has been accused of being anti-women, yet Kellyanne Conway managed his successful campaign, Pam Bondi is on his transition team, and there are several women holding key positions in his businesses and his charity.

He has been accused of being a racist, yet Dr. Ben Carson is someone he definitely wants in his cabinet, especially to overhaul/repeal Obamacare.  And what about Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke who is being considered for Homeland Security.

He has been accused of being a homophobe, yet a person who may be appointed as the UN Ambassador is Richard Grenell, an openly gay man, and then there is Peter Thiel, another gay, who is part of Trump’s transition team.

It would be great if people opened their eyes and looked instead of just listening to ugly rhetoric that is spewed about.

Trump is a man who knows that you best succeed by having the best people around you.  And that is what he plans to do when he takes the oath of office on January 20, 2017.  He will have the best and brightest in his cabinet and other key positions that must be filled between now and that time.  And, with that, he will restore America to greatness.

Welcome Donald J. Trump, our 45th President of the United States of America!

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