Shaq Gets Shaq’d on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Very few Centers in the National Basketball Association (NBA) have ever dominated in the way that Shaquille (Shaq) O’Neal did during a career that spanned 19 years.  During his time on the court, Shaq was an All Star 15 times and was on four NBA Championship teams, three of which were during his eight years playing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Two years ago the Lakers retired Shaq’s #34 jersey in honor of his achievements with the team.  While this was an expected action by the Purple & Gold organization, it is generally not done until a player has been selected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.  Shaq was, last month, nominated to be inducted.

Recently, the NBA big-man, who can be quite the practical joker, received a fantastic surprise.  In Shaq parlance, he got Shaq’d.  During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host orchestrated the event perfectly, a can be seen below, where the big man is told he is getting a statue outside of the Lakers’ Staples Center arena.

It was great to see Shaq so surprised. It is a well-deserved acknowledgment, done in an absolutely wonderful manner.

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Rocky Balboa Statue and Rocky’s Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The bronze Rocky Balboa statue designed by A. Thomas Schomberg, was commissioned by Sylvester Stallone and stands at the base of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The statue, 10 feet tall and weighing in at a heavyweight contender 2-tons, was one of three that were cast, and this particular one was originally seen in the Rocky III movie, placed at the top of Rocky’s Steps, the entrance to the museum, where he relentlessly worked out. It has been moved a few times and finally allowed to rest in its current position.

The popular figure attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world and is considered one of the “must see” attractions when visiting the City of Brotherly Love. Not that the statue is on par with historic artifacts such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall or Betsy Ross’ house, among many other sites to take in while in Philadelphia, but it is iconic and a part of modern cuture.

There are those who complain about a movie prop earning the right to be displayed so prominently where historical or other real-life sports figures are not, but the Rocky saga has touched the hearts and spirit of millions with the story of an underdog overcoming all manner of obstacles to achieve his goal.

The majestic Rocky statue stands proud, welcoming visitors from all parts of the globe, always ready to be part of a family photograph.

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Philadelphia – City of Brotherly Love

A few captures in Philadelphia.

George Washington Monument, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia Love
The Thinker – Rodin
Benjamin Franklin – Craftsman
Rocky Balboa

More images from Philadelphia and many other areas may be seen at:

Scott D Welch – Certain Points of View™ – Flickr

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