The U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Constitution

With the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to uphold, primarily, the constitutionality of the “Affordable Care Act,” also known as “Obamacare,” it has become abundantly clear that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are no longer the guiding lights of America.

How anyone can possibly conceive that a person’s decision not to purchase health insurance is governed by the “Commerce Clause” is, quite franly, beyond belief.

The “constitutionality” of being “taxed,” as Chief Justice Roberts wrote it, for not purchasing insurance is ludicrous.

This is one giant step toward taking away more rights of the individual, and of the states,  under the guise of our government safeguarding our “civil” or “individual” rights.

This action by the U.S. Supreme Court is not upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  This decision is helping to tear them apart.

What is next?  Getting taxed for not exercising the right to vote? 

This decision fully opens the taxation door to Congress for just about anythihng.

And, don’t forget to ask your duly-elected representative why, if the Affordable Care Act is such a good thing, they are excluded from taking part in what all US citizens must now do, but, instead, get to keep their own government-issued taxpayer-paid insurance benefits.

Over For Now.

Main Street One

United States of … Awesome Possibilities ??? Marketing International Travel

The private-public partnership, Brand USA Inc. formerly the Corporation for Travel Promotion (CTP), unveiled a campaign targeting international travelers to visit the good ole USA.

Unfortunately, the logo they chose/designed is not something that really communicates “Awesome Possibilities” or even what they state.

The dots in the image above are supposed to, per the group’s press release, bring into being, or communicate, a “21st-century brand.” Further, the dots “symbolize the boundless possibilities of the U.S.” Along with that, the dots show “diversity” in America.

It is not clear how those dots are supposed to bring all of that to the mind of an observer. Perhaps the USA dot image was surveyed and those are the responses that were received. This blogger does not get any of those impressions from the dots.

The campaign’s website also includes tips for those who travel to the US. One interesting tidbit mentions that health care is extremely good here, but, can be expensive as there is no “universal health care.” Does that mean that if an American traveler were to be injured or become seriously ill in Europe, or Asia, or Russia that the American would receive universal health care?

The bigger point, however, is that the comment about health care is not really advice to a traveler, but to someone who potentially wishes to live in the US. It is, as well, decidedly, a very liberal political statement.

Will the “Brand USA” campaign work? Unknown.

With a $200 million dollar budget for advertising and who-knows-how-much-was-spent to develop this campaign, it would be nice if the campaign did work and brings substantially more revenue into the country than is expended. Afterall, as a private-public partnership it is, more than likely, being funded by taxpayer dollars.

And, finally, a comment. The United States of Awesome Possibilities? The word Possibilities is not needed. Simply stating the United States of Awesome at least keeps the USA moniker in tact. USAP???

Over For Now.

Main Street One

Congress Must Work To Get Paid

At least here, in these good ole United States, no one can say that taxpayers do not get all of their money’s worth from those men and women who have been elected to serve the people.

Editor’s note: the lowest Congressional salary is approximately $174,000 per year, plus a couple of offices with staff, lots of expenses, world travel, long vacations (even when there is urgent business at hand), wonderful health insurance (not part of the national healthcare reform plan passed in 2010) and an outstanding pension plan. (Just sayin’…)

Over For Now.

Main Street One

Government Waste – Pelosi Burned Many Air Miles and Taxpayer Dollars

During Nancy Pelosi’s reign as Speaker of the House she took advantage of, and seriously abused, her position. All at taxpayer expense.

According to documents obtained from the US Air Force, through the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch discovered that during the first nine months of 2010 Pelosi flew 90,155 miles on Air Force aircraft 43 different times. That is an average of almost five flights per month.

An example of one roundtrip flight: A May 6-10, 2010, Congressional Delegation to Afganistan and Germany “to discuss issues of mutual interest in Qatar and Afghanistan, as well as conduct oversight on women’s issues (troops) in Afghanistan and to visit with US troops and meet with government officials in Germany.”

The total cost of military travel was $204,135.00. Makes one wonder what other costs, aside from military, Main Street USA incurred during that trip.

A blazing question is even more basic, however. Why on Earth did Pelosi have to fly to these countries to speak to others about these topics? And a visit to US troops? What could possibly have been achieved by her appearances that would have been of great benefit to American taxpayers?

Perhaps visiting those countries were on her bucket list.

Even more evidence of her blatant disregard towards American citizens is the fact that many of the trips she took were to visit her San Franciso-area home.

Sorry, but this blogger feels that if someone runs for national office they know well in advance that they will have to live in Washington DC and if their family elects not to move then that elected person should foot the bill, through commercial air travel, to visit home. Either that or they can charter a private jet, out of their own pocket, to do so.

Afterall, it is not as if they do not earn a few dollars for talking the talk in DC for several months a year.

It is about time that Capitol Hill discovers webinars and cuts down on excessive and abusive travel, as well as other perks, that they seem to enjoy all too much.

Of note, is that during one two-year period as House Speaker Pelosi racked up military travel expenses of $2,100,744.59. Not a bad perk, Nancy. But, of course, you do feel our pain, don’t you?

Over For Now.

Main Street One