Favorite Flowers – The Parrot Tulip

The exotic plumage of the Parrot Tulip is unlike any other of the species, as it is quite scalloped with fringed edges and most often appears multi-colored.

Parrot Tulip Orange Favorite

So named due to the beak-shaped buds resembling that of the tropical bird species, the Parrot Tulip features petals that are flamboyant and dynamic.

Parrot Tulip FantasyThe stems may range anywhere between 12 and 18 inches in height and, in full bloom, the petals open to four or more inches in diameter. Coloring varies widely among the Parrot Tulip. Some of the more common are: yellow, peach, orange, red, purple and white.

Parrot Tulip Orange FavoriteThe various color combinations of the Parrot Tulip are, quite simply, striking, making this flower an excellent choice for gardens, weddings, or, virtually, any special occasion.

Parrot Tulip FantasyThis late-blooming species is, however, quite vulnerable to harsh Spring occurances such as a very heavy rain or strong wind.

Parrot Tulip Orange FavoriteLast, but not least, the Parrot Tulip also poses quite well for any photographer.

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Favorite Flowers – Tulip – Elegant – Graceful

The Tulip (from the Liliaceae family and genus Tulipa) is originally from Persia and Turkey and brought to Europe in the 16th Century.

Today, Tulips grow virtually planet-wide and enjoy festivals celebrating their elegance and grace.

As with most all flowers, there is symbolism and meaning that has been placed upon the species.

Yellow symbolizes cheerful thoughts
Purple symbolizes royalty
White symbolizes forgiveness
Red symbolizes perfect love

Some say that the velvety black center represents a lover’s heart, darkened by the heat of passion.

Then there are the variegated species…

These represent beautiful eyes

The Tulip serves as the 11th wedding anniversary flower. It is a flower that is simple in design yet beautiful in all aspects.

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