Grateful American by Gary Sinise review

scott d welch - grateful american by gary siniseI was fortunate to become a member of the Grateful American Launch Team, a group of people who follow Gary Sinise on Social Media, who are Patriots and who love books, which afforded me the opportunity to receive an Advance Readers Copy of his book for review.

Actor Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump, CSI:New York, etc.) wrote “Grateful American – A Journey From Self to Service” which skillfully and wondrously chronicles his life, all the while describing the subtitle perfectly.

In his Prologue the tone of the book is set…there will be much emotion, there will be introspection, there will be memories, and there will be defining moments where ideas come to fruition and where decisions are made. You are being prepared for what is to come in this very personal journey.

In the Prologue, Sinise writes “…my life’s mission and passion today are to shine a light on those who serve and defend, the true heroes who go into harm’s way, volunteering to lay down their lives so we can have the freedom to make something real and good of our own lives.”  You can feel his Patriotism and his pride throughout.

The events detailed in his book leading up to how he goes about accomplishing this mission are quite entertaining and very moving.  The details of relationships, not just with our military and first responders, but with his acting peers, especially those in their early years, show not just a quite talented man but a sincerely humble one.

From beginning to end, page after page, you feel as though you are getting to know Gary, the person, and that if you were ever fortunate enough to meet him in person one day, it would be like two old friends shaking hands and hugging, though it would be vastly one-sided in that knowledge.

Sinise is certainly fulfilling his mission and passion.  Evidence, outside the book, is quite abundant.  To check out his recent, and former, activities with and for our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families and those in need please visit the Gary Sinise Foundation and his Lt Dan Band website.

I am proud to share and support his journey.

Releasing February 12, 2019 and several places can be found here.

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World War II Recognition

After visiting the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, and discovering the online recognition available for those who served through the registry, I felt compelled to share my family’s contributions to that fight for world freedom.

The links below honor those family members:

My Father, Sid Welch, Major USAF, Retired

My Step-father, Ed Benham

Uncle Claude

Uncle Royce

Fortunately, none of them died in that conflict, though both Uncle Claude and Uncle Royce were recipients of the Purple Heart.

My father lost his life in an accident in 1971. My Step-dad and Uncle Royce died of natural causes in 2008 and 2000, respectively. Uncle Claude is still with us.

Photo From National World War II Memorial Website

Too often those of us in Main Street USA take for granted our freedom, not remembering what had to occur to bring about and keep those precious liberties we enjoy, including, but certainly not limited to, the great victory of our Founding Fathers and the Colonial Armies and brigades with the American Revolution, World War I and World War II.

Let us all keep in our minds and our hearts what those before us (and their families) have sacrificed, not just on Memorial Day, but each and every day as we give thanks.

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The National World War II Memorial, Washington DC

In memory of, and with thanks to, those who served.

The WWI medallion or plaque, under the Pacific arches 
The Pacific arches
The Atlantic arches
The Wall of Stars
The Washington Monument as seen from the WWII Memorial 
The Fountain
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