Mitch Rapp IS The Survivor – Vince Flynn Tale by Kyle Mills

Ok, yes, I am a Mitch Rapp junkie, have been since 1999.  A few months ago I became an official Mitch Rapp Ambassador (via the Vince Flynn website and newsletter) and one perk of this taskforce was being able to receive an Advance Reader’s Edition of this latest Rapp installment, The Survivor, written by Kyle Mills.

Vince Flynn The Survivor by Kyle MillsAs a note, I did re-read The Last Man (2013), the final Rapp story penned by Vince Flynn before his untimely passing, as a bit of a comparative.  So, upfront…while this is not Flynn, may he rest in peace…IMO it is hard to tell the difference as Mills obviously immersed himself in all things Mitch Rapp.  He did extremely well keeping the style, pacing, flavor and feeling of Rapp in tact for the millions of die-hard fans who have enjoyed Rapp’s wild and heroic exploits over the years.

The Survivor does pick up where The Last Man left off, though you can read this one and not be lost.  The CIA must, at all costs, recover classified information that was compromised when Joe “Rick” Rickman, long-tenured CIA black ops master in Afghanistan, went rogue and staged his own kidnapping and beating.  He had really put the information and himself for sale to the Pakistanis.  Rapp thought that he had ended the threat when he killed Rickman.  Unfortunately, he was wrong.

From seemingly beyond the grave, a video from Rickman is delivered and reveals he knew way too much about way too many things he should not have known.  As it says on the Vince Flynn website: “Now it’s a deadly race as both the Pakistanis and the Americans search for Rickman’s accomplices and the information they are slowly leaking to the world.”  Uh-oh.

Mitch Rapp AmbassadorIf you have been a Flynn/Rapp fan, rest assured, you should not be disappointed with Kyle Mills now writing the adventures.  He expertly utilizes some of our favorite series characters in this intricately plotted thriller, including CIA Director Irene Kennedy, Rapp’s pal and former SEAL Team Six Commander Scott Coleman and Stan Hurley, Rapp’s trainer.

For those new to Rapp, the first published book about the counter-terrorism expert was Transfer of Power, in 1999, when I got hooked.  After many rousing adventures Flynn gave us two books with some back story, thus becoming the real start of Mitch Rapp and his series.  They are American Assassin and Kill Shot, published in 2011 and 2012, respectively.  All of the books are stand-alones but if you really like political thrillers and great action, you might want to start at the beginning and enjoy the ride, after you read this one, of course.

The Survivor will be released October 6, 2015.

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Vince Flynn "American Assassin" (Mitch Rapp)

In the following video, bestselling author Vince Flynn reveals some of the backstory of Mitch Rapp, a fictional character who is America’s number one counter-terrorism operative appearing in 10 earlier novels, and his decision regarding writing the prequel.

Mitch Rapp’s official title is Special Assistant to the Director of the CIA on Counterterrorism. And special he is. Despite politics or red tape, Rapp does not let anything stand in his way of removing terrorists from the worldwide equation, though, at times, he does get slowed down. It has been announced that CBS Films will be taking American Assassin to the big screen. Should be excellent.

The Rapp series has developed an incredible following due to Flynn’s excellent storytelling abilities coupled with an outstanding protagonist, nicknamed Iron Man, along with a great supporting cast.

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International Political Spy Thrillers – Authors Who Deliver The Goods

Thirty-one years ago Robert Ludlum published the first of his original “Bourne Series.” The three international bestsellers (The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum) follow the trials and tribulations of Jason Bourne, whose real name is David Webb, a military man who became an assassin and who, through a mission gone awry, becomes amnesic and an assassin gone horribly wrong. It took a few decades before Hollywood decided to take Bourne to the silver screen, casting Matt Damon as Bourne/Webb, with the three films being released in 2002, 2004, and 2007, respectively.

In 1984, Tom Clancy introduced CIA operative Jack Ryan in a series that would eventually land the hero, who endlessly and tirelessly had traveled the globe to put things right, in the White House, as President Ryan. The protagonist appeared in a dozen or so novels and four of those have made the big screen. The first was The Hunt For Red October, in 1990, starring Sean Alec Baldwin as Ryan, then two with Harrison Ford as Ryan in Patriot Games (1992) and Clear and Present Danger (1994). The Sum of All Fears (2002) starred Ben Affleck as Ryan.

Following years of writing successful thrillers Jack Higgins presented IRA activist Sean Dillon in Eye of the Storm (1992, the first of 17 or so adventures) who, eventually, becomes part of a quite secret, small and highly effective branch of undercover operatives whose boss reports directly to the Prime Minister of England. How one of the most-feared master terrorists becomes a member on the opposite side is intriguing and once Dillon is “recruited” the action and adventure only gets better with each succeeding book.

Transfer of Power, published in 1999 by Vince Flynn, introduced Mitch Rapp, a CIA counterterrorism operative who, through eleven novels, has traversed continent after continent (as well as working in the US), to bring a halt to terrorists bent on destroying cities, countries, even the world. Rapp flies directly into the bowels of hell, only to (somehow eventually) emerge successful, but not always in the best of health. His exploits are that of unknown legend.

In his 4th novel, The Kill Artist, published in 2000, Daniel Silva brings forth Gabriel Allon, an art restorer who is also a Mossad assassin, or vice versa. It is true, he really does restore art, very valuable old paintings to be exact. It is also very true, he is a deadly assassin. In the eleven books, to date, in which Allon has appeared, the agent has undertaken incredible assignments across the globe, with a returning cast of characters that add depth and outstanding interplay amongst and between them.

Though the movies are quite good, they cannot and do not capture all the detail contained in a novel. World-class storytellers Ludlum, Clancy, Higgins, Flynn and Silva have created larger-than-life, though all-too-human heroes, who get better with age, who find the ways and means to achieve their goals each and every time regardless of the odds, and who totally and completely satisfy the reader’s deep desire for entertainment and escapism at its absolute very best.

This post is not to slight other best-selling authors who have captivated millions of readers with international/political/spy thrillers, such as Len Deighton, John le Carre, Frederick Forsyth, Ken Follett, to name a few, it is simply a viewpoint being shared concerning favorite authors of this particular blogger. After all, it is Certain Points of View™.

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